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Parking lots cleaning and pressure washing

Parking lots cleaning and pressure washing,

Solutions-Graffiti is the specialist since 2003.

The maintenance of a parking lot is essential to maintain the integrity of concrete and / or cement. The accumulated salt causes irreparable damage to the concrete and directly affects its life. For a clean and durable parking, it is advisable to clean it at least once a year, preferably in the spring to eliminate all traces of calcium. Solutions-Graffiti recommend that you perform a second cleaning in the fall.

Ask about our different packages ranging from 2 to 4 cleanings per year.

Tip: Make sure your drains work well and are able to drain water freely. Water and slush accumulation around the drain is another cause of garage floors deterioration.

Garage cleaning steps with Graffiti Solutions

  1. Environmental waste collection
  2. Walls and columns sweeping
  3. High-pressure walls and columns cleaning when required
  4. Using our Tennant machines (Zamboni type), we proceed to complete cleaning of the garage. Our machines are robust and high-performance. Water is projected on, the floor which is then brushed rigorously and finally scraped at the back of the machine. The result is clean and uniform, if necessary we go back to the spots where soil is very dirty. Our machines suck waste, liquids move into a compartment and solids into a second compartment. The main advantage of this type of cleaning is that it requires use of little water preventing drain blockage which keeps humidity level in the garage at respectable level.