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Choose Line-Marking Solutions

Fast work but above all sustainable

For all your line tracing and floor marking.

Rely on qualified Line-Marking Solutions technicians who map hundreds of parking lots every year for several well-known customers throughout the greater metropolitan area; North Shore, South Shore, Laurentians, Lanaudière, Montérégie, we work everywhere!

The cleanliness of your infrastructure, the safety of your customers and employees are our priorities!

Fast and easy quote, get a price today.

Parking lines

Get a quote in less than 24 hours

Floor marking

Trust the qualified Line-Marking Solutions technicians for your next project!

Parking cleaning

Ask about our different packages ranging from 2 to 4 cleanings per year.

Why would you choose Line-Marking Solutions?

RBQ license

Here's our license number: 5590-2712-01. Do not let anyone jeopardize the integrity of your infrastructure. Marking is not an artisanal work, demand and check!

Liability insurance

Line-Marking Solutions holds liability insurance: we could not conceive taking risks with your buildings and infrastructure. Choose a responsible supplier.

Years of expertise

Since 2003, our clients demand quality work that preserves the appearance and integrity of their infrastructure. Why take risks with "jobbers"?

Ecological awareness

All our paints comply with MTQ standards (Quebec Ministry of Transport) and BNQ (Quebec Bureau of Standards). Get exceptional results while respecting the environment.